Earn 10% or even more!

We have built a simple but very efficient affiliate network that would power the system towards rapid growth and development. We invite everyone, without exception, to take part in developing the network, regardless of whether you're an active participant in the project or not. Each registered member of the system is given a unique referral link. With this link, you'll be able to invite other people to participate in the system. We can assure you that the software for the affiliate system works perfectly and you can't outsmart it!

You'll receive 10% (or even more!) of all the funds deposited by the people you directly invited through your referral link. We don't run a multi-teir system. Our task is to ensure simplicity and ease of use! However, there are some restrictions - you're not allowed to cheat the system and refer yourself. If any member is found to have attempted to trick the system, the person's accounts will be blocked! We also prohibit SPAM. You're not allowed to advertise our referral program using SPAM. Accounts found to be violating this will also be blocked! We recommend that you post your unique referral link on your blog or website, with a description of the system, or promote your referral link on social media.


Direct Referral Bonus 10%
Note: Referral income get from only your referrals investment amount. queue 5 and above all queue we activate investment plan, that time you get referrals income. Free member whenever reach investment plans then get referrals income for the sponsor.



Front line partner Bonus 15%
Note: you have 25 active referrals you get 1 space in front line partner plan. each 25 activate referrals you get one space. we verify all genuinity then only add the space, not try any shortcuts.

Referral Commission System

Referral Level Min Referral Max Referral Percentage
Referral Level -1 1 10000 10 %